Saturday 25 April 2009

Legal Again

It has been a hectic week, Tuesday I had to go back to immigration to pick up my visa and hand in the paperwork to apply for permanent residency, which should mean less trips to the immigration office once I get it! I have a friend who lives next to the immigration office so she invited Ebi-kun and myself round for lunch and a play date, which was lovely. We had left the house at 8.00am and didn't get back until 5pm so needless to say I didn't get much else done. Then yesterday I had to go to the town hall to pick up my new alien card, the town hall is quite a trek away and I had planned to take the bus, that was before I realised that there are only 5 buses a day so we would end up stranded there so we went by bicycle instead. Normally not a problem but my knee is giving me hell at the moment and half way there I discovered that I had a slow puncture. We made it to the town hall then I promised Ebi-kun we would stop off at the play centre on the way back, which we did but they had a craft event on that you had to have applied for by phone, so all the kids were doing that and we were left on our own in the play room. :o(
Well, at least all my official papers are back in order!
I have made myself a new bag, I made a test version of this using some old curtains and a pillowcase, using this tutorial. The first version was a bit of a hodge-podge and the strap was way too short, I ended up adding a bit to the strap, the bag is super comfy though and because of the way it sits it would be difficult to pick-pocket from it (important to think about when travelling). The tutorial  only had one small pocket, which  is not enough for me, so I added two handy emergency nose bleed tissue pockets to the outside, plus a big deep pocket, two small pockets and a loop to attach my keys to on the inside. It actually took me long to pick the fabric and cut it that in did sew it LOL. I used this lovely hedgehog linen/cotton blend, probably the best seller in my shop, it is lovely and soft and great to sew with plus the hedgehogs are sooo cute!
On another note, Ebi-kun has started working with the Montessori blue cards, we are working on magic e at the moment, we are using a combo of the Montessori materials, Starfall printables (he loves doing these) and some bits and bobs from my teaching days.
I also have some big news, I was contacted by Mindy from asking if I would like to contribute to their Mother's Day Craft E-book, of course I said yes and there are some great crafty bloggers contributing too, check it out here.
I have finished all the circles on the quilt so onward and forward to the binding... it is also raining today so that is a good excuse to stay in, clean the house and do some crafty stuff or maybe I should do the crafty stuff and then clean the house hmmmm


  1. I love your bag "kawaii" but isn't it a pain in the butt the whole immigration? Even though we don't have to go every year, etc it still come up at the most inconvenience times- and I hate going. DH goes for me unless I physically have to go and pick up the card or sign something....

  2. I love your new bag Jo, you made a great job of it and that hedgehog fabric is soooo cute :) xx

  3. I love the bag, think this will be my next project. By the way I left you Blog Award on my last post.


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