Tuesday 28 April 2009

It's done!

and it didn't fall apart in the wash :o)
I had some self inflicted 'rules' for making this, I wasn't allowed to buy anything, in fact I did really well on this, the only thing I did buy were proper quilting needles. All the squares were cut from my scrap bag or stash, it didn't start off as a boyish quilt but as we looked through the pile of squares it was mostly blues and boys prints, so I took out the flowery ones and added a few more trucks and the such like. The blue border was fabric destined as a Christmas project but I never got round to it, the binding was the first lot of bias binding I made with my binding maker, I got a bit over excited and made about 600m of the stuff! The backing fabric, wading and quilting cotton were all given to me by Kym when she left Japan.

I totally copied Katy and did circles for my quilting, I did smaller circles all around the border, I really like how they came out.

and a certain little boy loves it - he has been warned that he is NOT allowed to have a nose bleed on it LOL.

So, a BIG THANK YOU to Cousin Kirsty for allowing herself into being bullied into cutting out the squares, she did a great job, Kym for donating much of the bits needed and a special thank you to Katy for holding my hand through the whole process and answering my squillion and one questions.
Will I make another quilt? Not until Kirsty comes to visit to do the cutting for me! I must admit, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did set myself a schedule because I wanted it finished before Golden Week, I think without that, it would be sat, half done, on the back of the sofa collecting dust. I would like to make something on the lines of this, I think it would look lovely on our bed!


  1. oh that's beautiful! you must be well chuffed! (and rightly so!!)

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  3. PS. Lucy (above) can you get in touch as you were the WINNER of my contest a while ago!!!! I have your prize sitting on my desk!!! Jo do you have an email for Lucy?

  4. Holy Cow! You are so fast. It looks just wonderful. I ADORE the fabric you chose for the binding. Stripes and plaids had a great interest and whimsy to the quilt.

    I was so happy to answer your questions and honored that you asked. I love that orange fabric with the elephants. I'm curious about your binding method. . . do tell. Also have to say that your quilting stitches look very even and nice. Good job. I think there is a quilter in you just waiting to pop out. You do sell fabric don't you?!?


  5. Very nice - and I love that he loves it!

  6. i love it!! i just wish i could get mine done so i could show it off too! do i feel a real live quilting bee coming on? ;)

  7. Mee A Bee - I don't have Lucy's addy sorry!

    Katy - do you really want to know? I hand sewed all the binding because I was too lazy to cleanup the counter to create enough space to sew it by machine! I also should admit that I ditched the ring and thimble after about 3 circles, it was taking me so long to get the ring on and off I got fed up with it and the thimble just got in the way!

    Jo - we should get together for a crafty day, I am still waiting to see what your quilt will look like once it's done.

  8. I won something!!!! ;o)
    wow... that made my day ;o)
    and to think i was feeling bad about reading blogs not doing the ironing
    will get in touch pronto

    and thank you both for being such lovely inspirational folk


  9. That's so cute! I wish I could make something like that.


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