Wednesday 8 April 2009

Not Eggs - but bunny ears

For the last two years we have had a big egg hunt for the playgroup and one of the mom's has made bunny ears for the kids, this year I am making them and this is how...

what you need:
coloured pen
elastic band
construction card about 2" x the size of your kids head - doesn't need to be exact
2 x ears made out of construction card

I cut the strip but Ebi-kun cut out the ears after I drew them for him.
Stick your ears onto the long strip
Flip the card over and add the child's name and colour in the ears.
Fold one end of the strip back and tuck the elastic band in, staple in place. The sharp edges of the staples should be facing out, you can always add a bit of tape over them if you are worried about sharp edges.
Made the band into a circle and fix the other end with the elastic band in the same way. This gives the ears some stretch.
Give your bunny something to eat and get them to spend the next hour hopping round the garden.
That's All Folks...


  1. What a cute bunny you make Ebi-kun!

  2. that is super cool! I will try that with my kiddos. I also want to THANK you for the fun post card swap... I want to personally thank and send you all postcards too, but I don't have addresses on all the postcards... do you know who sent me ones so that I can write to them?

    Thanks so much for including me. It was so thoughtful. I love it and love the recipes!!!

    You are great! hugs jules

  3. Love this... so funny!!



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