Friday 10 April 2009


My visa runs out in a couple of weeks, so it was time for that delightful trip to the immigration office. Hubby found  the papers I needed online and printed them AND filled them in for me - what a sweetie and we had already picked up what I needed from the town hall. I had a couple of things to fill in, such as my passport number and alien registration card number (yes, it's official, I am alien). Anyway, I get out my alien card and realise that it is 4 months out of date - oopsie - quick panic!
Hubby had booked the day off yesterday so I didn't have to drag Ebi-kun to the immigration office with me, I had planned to get there for when it opened but instead we had to go to the town hall to sort out my alien card first, luckily they just stamped the card to say it was being processed and gave it back to me. I hopped on the train to the immigration office, it wasn't too busy so I was out by 11am. So, I treated myself to a childless lunch and a wander round the shops. I have to go back in a week or so, but it doesn't usually take long to pick up the visa and then I will be legal again :o)
I didn't buy much, a little book for Ebi-kun for on the plane, a couple of jars of pickled beetroot and this duster - who wouldn't want to dust with this cutie! The duster bit is made of those microfibre thingies which pick up the dust rather than move it around. I might even be inspired to do some housework today :o)

And a random shot for you, I was working on the Mac the other day and Ebi-kun got the wooden thingy and bands out, he was totally engrossed in what he was doing, just look at the concentration.

And who is this? 
It is Monkey G, a new little friend for a little boy who will be a whole 2 years old this weekend.


  1. he he. I always find having funky new things for cleaning gets me in the mood. how weird and domestic is that! I could achieve the same with my old scraps, but suddenly having new stuff I wanna clean. (:

  2. oh my, I hate immigration... yours seems much kinder than ours. Ours is super expensive too and they only renew now for a year... which means every 10 months we have to go stupid and so much work for them that is not needed! The rules seem to change here yearly, so it is quite annoying. Glad everything worked out though!!!!


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