Tuesday 19 May 2009


Just about sums up Ebi-kuns face on these pictures! As I tidied up Ebi-kun got some work off the shelves, first he took out this had puppet. He needed to stitch around the edge the decorate it, it was actually half done and has been on the shelf for months, I was debating with myself whether to put it away or not, surprisingly he picked it up and finished it.

Then he got the scales out, I asked him questions such as 'How many yellow weights weigh the same as one green one' and had him work it out, then without actually weighing them, he concluded that 2 orange weights are the same as one green one.
The weights got boring so he looked around for something else and the started weighing the pink tower blocks, look at his expression, you can almost hear the clogs turning :o)
When he had finished with the pink tower, the knobbled cylinders also go in on the action.


  1. Hi,

    May I know where to buy the wooden scale?

  2. I knew someone would ask that! i picked it up in a department store sale, it was closing down and it was just ¥500, Ebi-kun was only about 6 months old at the time but I can't resist a bargain!

  3. I love it! So cool.

    btw, I think I can see your puzzle maps in a pile in the background - are they just stacked or is there something between them?

    wow. also, I can't believe the scales bargain!! :)

  4. the maps are stacked, I have taken pics of the Montessori area today so I will do a post in the next few days...

  5. Ooo, thanks for replying so quickly! I can't wait to see the other post then :)

    On another note - we are *still* trying to work out where to stay in Tokyo (there are so many options / variations / costs to consider) & my mother is suggesting we decide on an 'area' & then choose something there, in an effort to simplify things. Her suggestion is the Ueno area.

    What do you think? Would you recommend it or suggest elsewhere?

    I hope you don't mind all the Q's. It's such a shame that you'll be in the UK - it would have been fun to "meet"!!

  6. I love his concentration :) SO cute and love the scale too!

  7. Hi Amber, where to stay? I really have no idea!
    Ueno is a good hub, it is one of the main stations so you get get trains easily - the train system in Tokyo is fantastic. There are also some great museums in Ueno and the big park, I don't rate the zoo much though.
    Shibuya is one of my fav. spots in Tokyo but better for adults than kids! It is also more expensive, you might find that somewhere a few stops out of one of the main hubs is a lot cheaper.


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