Friday 8 May 2009

Gunma Prefecture Natural History Museum

On the way back from the campsite we stopped off at this museum, and it was great. It is set in a big park and there is also an art museum there but we didn't have time to do that too. The only rubbish thing was that the restaurant was closed so we had to leave the whole park area to go and find somewhere to eat.
Of course the dinosaur section was the biggest hit, this was a dig that you can walk over so you get a birds eye view, it was a really cool set up, some of the kids didn't like it at all and were screaming as their parents tried to make them walk on it!

This used to be Ebi-kuns favourite dino but recently T-rex is number one. There was a great smaller model showing the muscle structure (just to the right) and this little boy was sketching it.

And here he is, a full sized fully animated model, the kids LOVED it.

Upstairs Darwin was in his study (another animated model), the kids were really into him too, he was chatting to them about his work and the room was set up like his study with stuffed animals and specimin draws you can pull out and look at.

They also had a lot of things for you to touch, like this skull, it is definitely one of those museums you can keep going back to.

We spotted this giant slide - well, it was that big it was hard to miss,  so of course our speed freak had to have a go - or 10. In Ebi-kun style he went down a couple of times on his bum then threw himself down face first, luckily daddy was at the bottom to catch him, the boy has no fear, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing :o)

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  1. a lot of giant slides in japan? sounds so fun :)


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