Friday 8 May 2009


I love taking random pictures, so here are a few I took over the weekend...
This house was on a really narrow road and had no front yard space at all but they still had a really pretty garden, it was better coming the other way but I couldn't get a decent picture that side!

pretty street lights, so cute!

lost ya wellie?

We noticed that this place actually had a for sale sign on it, again you can only see the sign when driving the other way and the roads were too windy and narrow for me to be jumping out taking photos.


and what do you think this place is? Notice the sign above the door.

OK, a bigger hint, it is a chain, and this is another of their stores....

Yup, god is a hair stylist!


  1. I love random. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Yup, god is a hair stylist!This comment really brightens my day! LOL!


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