Saturday 9 May 2009

It's Rocket Boy.....

This is what I have been working on the last few days, it is Ebi-kuns new bag for our trip home, everyone needs a new holiday bag don't they? (hubby would disagree on that but he is a bloke...). I have had the idea bouncing around for a while and when I sat down to do the math and work out how to put it together I nearly gave up, it was the zip and how to put it in which was the problem. Ebi-kun saw the sketches and then when I said I might make a robot instead he went mad so I had another go... sometimes it is that little push that is needed.

All in all it turned out quite well, I love the window with him looking out and the door with his robot inside....
The rocket blasters took me 2 hours to sew on but were worth the effort and punctured fingers
The zip pull is a little space cadet, Ebi-kun got very excited when he noticed this detail :o)
There is a handy pocket in the top for his nose bleed tissues and other small objects...
The inside is lined and has loads of pockets, I couldn't get a good photo. Ebi-kun has asked for a chest strap like his other bag so I will have to add that later. I don't think I used the right kind of interfacing, it has wrinkled somewhat and I have no idea why. I was think of making it into a sewing pattern, once I have worked out the problem areas and made a few modifications, what do you think?

On a completely different note, I will be getting an iphone as a mothers day pressie - hurrah! so I decided to download all the video clips off my current phone, these are my two favs, I dare you watch this and not crack a smile.

and he is a right little groover....


  1. What a fabulous bag! You are so creative and talented. I have the ideas, but am totally incapable of turning them into reality! That giggling fit is hugely contagious!

  2. Wow. Brilliant bag! He's going to get lots of comments while traveling. Be sure to take cards with your shop's details on it. :)

  3. those videos are ADORABLE!!!

    and, i've been seriously thinking we need to have a craft day sometime soon! i would love to learn how to make a sock animal (i fell in the with the white and pink star one!) or i want to make some fabric tags with a j. on them but don't know where to start. i've seen yours on your bags in your shop - how did you make them?

    or maybe before any crafting begins, a trip to nippori or other such shop is necessary?? let me know!! :)

  4. What the!!!???? That is fabulous. Your amazing. What a lucky boy! Best bag ever seen!!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh It's amazing!! I love it :D

  6. That bag is the cutest... I really thought you had made a life size rocket for him when i looked at the first photo!!! But no it is a little pic of the man himself... Excellent project, I love it!

  7. kawaiiiiiiiiiii ;-)

    i want another playdate with you both! guess it'll have to wait til july now, eh?


  8. I'd love the pattern for this bag - it is fab! Please can we see inside?

    Well done, it is ace!

  9. The rocket bag looks great, the only time that has happened to me is when the iron was too hot when ironing it on. What fabric did you use? I wonder if its faulty interfacing that has shrank a little? Very strange.

    Those videos are soooo cute :) x

  10. Fab bag, just right for a little boy. The giggleing video did bring a big grin to my mouth and love the other video too ;)
    Anne xx

  11. That rocket backpack is seriously cool, amazing work figuring out how to put that together. Every little boy's dream!


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