Sunday 7 June 2009

A lovely day

we had lots of friends and family round yesterday, it was good to catch up with everyone. My sister-in-law bought her two kids over, D is almost 6 and M is 2, she was just a baby last time we saw her and now she is a real character, she had me in stitches. Ebi-kun and D had fun knocking hell out of each other, D is 2 years older and quite a bit bigger but Ebi-kun held his own. My mom tried to split them up at one stage but Ebi-kun complained that she was ruining his fun! We sent them round the park with my cousin and the football to wear them out a bit ;o)

A conversation between Ebi-kun and my mom who was putting on her make up...

E: what are you doing?
M: I am putting my face on
E: to make you beautiful?
M: it working?
E; not yet!

LOL - kids - gotta love 'em.

and...if you asked me a question I have answered it in the same post comments section.

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