Saturday 6 June 2009

thought I had better check in.....

No photos as of yet, we haven't really done anything exciting, just catching up on sleep and popping in to see a few relatives. I managed to do a bit of shopping but I still have plenty of space left in the suitcase ;o)
Today we have an open house so friends and family will be dropping by, we decided this time to make them come to us and save us rushing round like loonies. Then tomorrow we are going down to Nottingham to stay with my best mate for a couple of days then the three of us are going on a road trip to visit uni friends who all have babies, I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with Di and catching up with the girls, should be fun.
Barcelona is still up in the air but possibly the last week for 4 days - I really hope we pull it off! We also have a steam train trip, a visit to the monkey forest, a play date with my cousins lad and a trip to see my nanna pencilled in but no set dates.
I won't be around to post next week but I have got some post scheduled so that you don't abandon me! I have also been doing some hand sewing, so expect some cute goodies  in the shop when I get back....


  1. Hi Jo, glad your flight was good, and trip going well.. some moxed weather for you!! I loved your ideas for travel games, we are flying to Canada in September for my brother's wedding and i have pencilled a list of things to make.. perhaps you could post about what was most successful?? Is it the Monkey Forest in Stoke that you are planning to visit?? Best Wishes, Jenni (Wolverhampton) x

  2. Hi Jenni, he didn't get everything out on the journey, the roll-a-snack was a big hit and the black light pen. He was given a lego kit on the plane and that kept him quiet for ages. He also loved the wipeable mazes and dot-to-dot and the rock crayons. he played with the chalkboard but was more interested in wiping it off than the writing ;o). That was all we got out on the journey, he has used the felt board and numbers and we had a couple of games with the story blocks whilst we have been here.

    and yes, the Monkey forest in trentham, we went last time but he doesn't remember, I love all the little shops nearby too - so guess where I will be headed LOL

    We will get back here late Friday so we will plan what we are doing on Saturday and I will drop you a line.


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