Wednesday 22 July 2009

Camping Trip

Last weekend was a three day holiday so we packed up and went camping again. This time last year we had a camp with several families from the playgroup but this year on two other families could make it. My senpai, Madi found the campsite for us, she had actually been before and managed to get a booking, everywhere else in Japan seemed to be booked up.
We met up at the water park which was great, several small streams for the kids to play in and a big climbing frame too, it was hot so playing in the water was perfect, some parts of the streams were only about an inch deep so even the babies that are not walking yet could sit and splash. The wading streams flowed into the river, which was great for the bigger kids, Ebi-kun caught some tadpoles and a couple had started to grow their legs, it was great for him to see them in real life, he released them afterwards.

After lots of water play we headed up to the campsite, the other two families were staying in a cottage and we were up in the woods. We had a BBQ together which went down well, Mel had made some great burgers, I am not a burger fan but these were gooood. The kids had fun playing in the tent whilst we cooked.

Ebi-kun loved the corn and the adventure of staying up late. When we did get to bed we realised we were camped next to a bear, honestly, I have never heard anyone snore so loud, I hardly got a wink of sleep!
The next day we had breakfast as a group then went down to the caves, it only takes 10 minutes to walk through but it was so nice and cool in there. The other families headed off home but we stayed another night, so we basically did the same thing, went to the water park for a picnic and play then back for a BBQ.
Once we had packed up the next morning we decided to stop of at the Mukai Chiaki Children's Science Museum. Mukai Chiaki was the Japanese woman who went to space on the Discovery mission and the museum is in her hometown. It was quite good, lots of hands on experiments for the kids to use.
This one was a set of scales that you stand on and then you press the button for each planet to see how much you would weigh on that planet.
There was a lot in the museum that Ebi-kun isn't old enough to understand properly yet, I think school aged kids would love it, he did have a great time and it is somewhere we would go back to in a couple of years time maybe.

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