Tuesday 21 July 2009

Dino Dig

Did you miss me? We were camping at the weekend, it was a three day holiday, so we went up to the mountains again, but more about that when I have downloaded the pictures.

We actually did this last week but I forgot to blog about it. I bought this block a while ago, it has dinosaur bones inside and you have to dig them out, Ebi-kun has been working on it for the last few days, he still hasn't found the skull but you can see the rib cage in this picture. It it quite a good activity and I am wondering if I can recreate it using plaster of paris...hmmmmm?


  1. Hi Jo :)

    Oooo, I bought each of my boys one of these (looks like it might be exactly the same actually) after we visited the National Museum recently & they loved it! We were staying a hotel room at the time & it was such dusty business that eventually I put them away to save my own sanity (& that of the hotel ;). But, we're off camping this weekend ourselves & you've inspired me to pack them! Thanks.

  2. Yes, I have to agree, it is a messy activity - mybe that's why the do real dino digs outside ;O)

  3. I read on a cub scouting group recently a post by a woman who had made a similar activity for her scouts using plaster of paris. She said the plaster was pretty hard and she mght try mixing some sand in with it next time to break it up more. Don't know if that helps.

  4. thank you! the stuff in the block is like plaster of paris but softer, I thought maybe adding extra water water would do the trick, I think some experimenting will be needed!


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