Wednesday 29 July 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ebi-Kun

It hardly seems like yesterday since you were born,
you were so tiny
but by the time you were one you had bulked out and your cheeky character
was showing through and you were into everything
By two you knew exactly what you wanted and
had no problem on letting us know what it was!
Then you were three and your favourite words were why, how and what, you are interested in anything and everything, and you are cute, smart and funny.
and now you are four (not until 10:10am, you do keep reminding me!) and I wonder what the next year will bring, in which direction will you grow and change?
I know you are four now and not a baby but you will always be my baby xxx


  1. Awwww, what a lovely post! Happy 4th Birthday, Ebi-kun!

  2. happy birthday to the super cute ebi-kun! happy birthday wishes!

  3. Happy Birthday Ebi-kun, looks like you all had an awesome time at the party too. I love the football shirt tags on the cocktail sticks and the football pinata was just genious!! xx

  4. Hi! Happy 4th B-day Ebi-kun!
    Jojo, I LOVE your blog and I gave you Honest scrap award. Thanks for sharing :-)


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