Tuesday 28 July 2009

Make A Football Pinata

We made a football pinata last year too but this years turned out a bit better.
You will need:
A large inflatable ball
plain white paper
wall paper paste
treats for inside the ball
black marker

Blow up your ball and place it on something to stop it rolling, we used a cardboard box on top of some bin bags. Last year I tried hanging it whilst we covered it but it was more difficult to do.
Rip your newspaper into strips, then soak each one in the newspaper paste. Place the strips all over the ball but leave a space near the valve.

Place an extra couple of layers around the opening to make it stronger, then leave to dry. It had been very wet and humid here this year so it took 3 days to dry out.

Let the air out of the ball and remove it from the shell, place the shell on your head (this step is optional but makes for comedy photos)
Fill the shell with treats, we put in packs of bubbles, sweeties, pencils and balls.
Cover the whole thing with white (computer) paper using wall paper paste again, make sure the hole is well sealed, leave to dry again. Then get your husband or some other poor mug to draw the design on the ball with a marker pen.
Take it to the park and let the kids kick it to bits! What could be more fun?
If you don't want a football try using pretty origami paper for the final layer.


  1. That's awesome! I love the idea of kicking it around. What a fun pinata! I'll be linking.

  2. This looks great! As a mom I always fear someone getting whacked in the head with a regular pinata. I'm SO doing this for my son's next birthday!

  3. simply brilliant!

  4. Love it! I especially loved the placing it on your head bit!!!!! I am off now to make a start on my very own football pinata. Got to be easier than the blinking Picachu one i had to make last year!!!! Thanks


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