Monday 31 August 2009

Circus MTD

This weeks theme over at Her Cup Overfloweth is circus. At first I was going to ditch the theme, Ebi-kun has no idea what a circus is and I wasn't inspired but then when I went to buy bento supplies for a customer I spotted these fab picks, those teamed with bright silicon cases make for an exciting looking MTD don't you think?

Actually, the food is the same ole, same ole but who would guess with all that exciting decoration going on?

TOP - mochi cheese bread, okra and tomato, sausages, okra and tomato
MIDDLE - cucumber and tomato, boiled egg, pasta, caramel waffle
Bottom - pasta, little grapes, sausage, boiled egg


  1. This is awesome--the picks and liners are perfect! I was stumped too until I came across lots of fun props as well! It actually turned into the most fun theme I've participated in:-).

    LOVE your tins!!

  2. You're absolutely right - the picks and decorations and silicone cups make the whole meal very festive - even if the food inside is just the same old lunch! Adorable.

  3. Great decorations! Very colorful and festive.

  4. That is absolutely beautiful! It's a circus piece of art! :)

    I have long admired, and read, your blog (which I can't remember now how I found to begin). You are so talented and crafty and... fun! It's always a treat to check in and see what you have been up to!\


  5. wow! what a party! you can even tell that the food is what you always serve! It looks so great! I am always blown away by what you do for your MTD!

  6. Wow look at all the props! Very circusy themed...even though it was the same old lunch!!

  7. Love it! Those picks are great.

  8. i LOVE your tin!!! those picks are so great.. everything is so colorful and circusy

  9. LOVE it! What adorable accessories!!!

  10. Thanks for the comment. I love all the colors you used, so bright and inviting. Great job on the tin.


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