Friday 28 August 2009

Of Knights and Castles - making a shield

Now, every knight needs a shield, so we got out an old cardboard box, I cut out the shield shape and Ebi-kun checked in his book to see which colour paint to use, he picked a nice royal blue. To minimise mess I put the cut out shield in a box then he painted it with a roller.

Whilst the paint was drying we checked out this site and made our own coat of arms. I actually printed out the final one and we stuck it onto a folder to keep all his knightly work in. We then went to this site and printed out the horse and castle that he wanted to put on the shield.

Ebi-kun painted all over the horse and castle and once it was dry I cut it out (his cutting skills are quite good but he would have cut off the legs or something so he asked me to do it). Then he stuck them onto the shield. He then coated the whole shield with a layer of white glue and water to give it a nice shine.
When it was dry we taped a piece of card to the back for a strap, and there we have it...


  1. wow great quick and easy shield! thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, that is so cool! I love the images you used too. Thanks so such for sharing, I'll be linking.


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