Tuesday 25 August 2009

That Little Bit Greener

A couple of weeks ago Emma AKA Bagladee and Rachel from contented started a new blog called That Little Bit Of Greener. They say

We decided to create this blog as a place to share information, stories, links, tips and tutorials that will, hopefully, inspire you to make some of those changes. We know that we don't need to tell you about recycling, shopping locally or changing your lightbulbs! We know that many of you do lots of these things already. And we know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of "green" websites and blogs already out there. We are not experts and we are far from perfect! But we wanted to add our contribution, to try and be "that little bit greener", and we want you to get involved too.

Every other week they will set a challenge for those joining, this week was to share a tip/link etc that you use to make your life a little bit greener. So here is mine, the best way to clean your windows/mirrors, forget stinky vinegar and newspaper, all you need is soda water, a spray bottle and a clean rag.

Put the soda water in your spray bottle and let it stand for a while, it is better when it is flat(ish). Simple spray and wipe, the first time you use this you will need to do it a couple of times to get the residue left from other cleaners off the surface, once you have managed that the glass will sparkle. The best bit is that is that it is completely non-toxic so let the kids loose with the spray bottle - I am telling you, kids LOVE cleaning windows and mirrors.

***updated*** I should have said before, the soda water lasts for ages, (well it doesn in our house because I am not really into cleaning) it doesn't matter if it goes completely flat, I pay about ¥80 for a 330ml bottle of soda.


  1. Brilliant tip Jo!! Going to try it this weekend. xx

  2. Hello
    I imagine the soda works because of the bicarbonate of soda that's in it. So I wonder if it would work if you just used a dilute solution of that. Then you would save even more money . Worth a try as vinegar doesn't smell brilliant! x


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