Wednesday 26 August 2009

Guess what....

...we have been learning about the last week or so?
need a clue?

I have 3 part cards and the such like to go with it, I am just trying to get everything into one file but the computer seems to be on a go slow this morning.

We have done lots of knightly activities, I will be sharing with over the next few posts.


  1. How Cool! Learning about knights must be so much fun! My sons are hoping to do this this year, too. Will look forward to reading more about what you do with this theme.
    Hope that all is well. the costume is so cute! You are so creative and talented!

  2. Jumped from Crafty Crow. I love blogs this time of year!

    Knights! Oh, my three warriors (and a princess) would love this. May I ask what you're reading?

  3. Oh, I wish you could have come to the Vianden Medieval Festival. There were the most wonderful costumes and accessories for sale. So much cool stuff for a young knight! I bet your son is just eating this topic up with a spoon!

  4. Can't wait to read about your knight activities! My 3-year-old is really beginning to be obsessed with "good guys" and "bad guys" and we're working on letting him play with those roles through knights and dragons rather than commerical superheroes.


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