Monday 14 September 2009


I didn't have time to do a post this morning. Daddy Ebi had to work Saturday, so he took today off, so we decided to go to Shinrin Koen for the day. It is a massive park about an hours drive away. It is 304ha, 1km wide and 4km long and you could spend a week there and not get bored.
We started off at the assault course, 22 different pieces of equipment to go at, it is supposed to be for elementary (age 6 and up) kids but I don't believe in labelling things with an age limit, unless it is obviously dangerous for an under sized child to use, I think children should be encourage to try and naturally children try to push their limits, so we did the whole course, there were a few things that Ebi-kun decided not to do or he wasn't tall/strong enough, he loved it though.
Then we took the little bus over to another part of the park, we had a picnic lunch and got the kite out, daddy-ebi had fun running up and down the field with it whilst Ebi-kun...
made friends with a tiny frog, he might have been tiny but he could j-u-m-p for Japan.
then....we made it to the giant bouncy white mountain, this thing is fab, like a trampoline but better. At the weekend the park is really busy so the little kids run the risk of near death trying to go on with the big kids, but most of the big kids were at school so the little ones were loving it....
and so were the daddies....
and the mommies.....
sometimes, you just have to let the big kid inside you out, for an hour of jumping and bouncing (and I am sure I will be paying for it tomorrow!)


Thank you!
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