Wednesday 16 September 2009

Scavenger Hunt

A couple of months ago a new yahoo group was started for Montessorians to organise swaps. You know I like a swap or too! I haven't had the time to organise one for quite a while, it is a time consuming process and I don't like to do things half heartedly.
Anyway, Colleen, one of the regulars for the swaps I have organised in the past, started a virtual swap, the brief was to take photographs of signs in and around where you live. I thought this would be fun to do but our camera was out of action, we got the camera back but by that time I had completely forgotten about the swap! Well, we did eventually get round to it, I let Ebi-kun have the camera so most of the pictures are taken by him whilst sitting on the back of the bicycle, hence the strange shots :o)

I have uploaded the rest of the pictures to Flickr, find them here. If you are interested in organising your own swap, then sign up for the ContinentSwap group.


Thank you!
I love hearing from you and if you haven't joined us in Moms That Rock, come on over!

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