Saturday 26 September 2009

New Stamps

I am probably the last person to find out about these cool polymer stamps but just on the off chance that I am not I will share about my new favourite toy! I wanted some stamps to use for the shop, things like my address to stamp onto envelopes and stamps to make thank you cards with. Well, as you know I like carving my own stamps but doing something like my address would be too fiddly so I started looking on Etsy and came across onefourzero. I ordered a design your own A5 sheet and used a mixture of designs, some hand drawn and some computer generated, they arrived yesterday and I am more than happy with them. They come on a plasticy sheet and you just cut out the stamps, peel off the backing and then they cling to an acrylic block.
This means you can place several smaller stamps on one block
and because the acrylic is clear it easy to place a second stamp over the first. I made a blank rocket and then had different words I can stamp inside, works a treat!
Plus, the stamps just stick to a laminated sheet for easy storage which takes up next to no space. LOVE IT! I can recommend onefourzero, excellent customer service and I will be back for more. Now, you should pop over to my shop and order that item you have been eyeing up so I have an excuse to play with all these new stamps :o)


  1. Jo, Here is the post

    Hope this helps!

  2. Lovely new stamps Jo, I'm off to take a look too. I've wamted some for ages.



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