Friday 23 October 2009

Barking Mad!

I have tried more times than I care to remember to snag an Etsy treasury but I never manage to do it, so I thought I would start my own LOL. Here are some of my favourite doggy themed pics from the wonderful world of Flickr......

1. dogs and coffee house, 2. ♥ tote bag | funny dog, 3. Dachshund Doxie Dog Vintage Planter Pincushion / Jewelrykeep, 4. cute dogs on blue, 5. los trillizos westie, 6. doggy and bee linen mix, 7. All Natural Doggy Soap, 8. Hurrah Craft Tweedle sausage dog daschund, 9. Sambo Scottie Brooch, 10. dogs on grey, 11. Willi the Wiener Dog, 12. Poodle Rooster Pals Pin, 13. funky dogs on linen blend, 14. fluffel dog - Bruno, 15. Tommy 3, 16. cute dogs on pink

BTW can you see my living room floor? No? Me neither, guess what I will be doing today, pass me the shovel....


  1. bow wow! so cute! my fave is the doggie planter!

  2. adorable and so fun! Thank you for including my pin! ;) Michele

  3. It is almost impossible to get an Etsy treasury! Thank you very much for picking my little dog. :)


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