Saturday 24 October 2009

Continent swap

The last couple of weeks Ebi-kun has been working on continents - more of that later. Anyway, it got me thinking, it would be fun do do a Flat Stanley type of swap. I have recently been asked to help with a Flat Stanley project which we will do but I would like to do another project too.
This is the idea....
We have a group of people, one from each continent. I will supply a child template, you print out and decorate the doll either in traditional costume or your everyday dress. You need to do 7 of these (one for each participant). Then you need to include the following:
  • A day in the life of...(name of your doll) a photo story
  • Favourite foods of.... and include a simple recipe
  • Favourite festival of.... describe what happens, include anything you think relevant
  • The religion of.... basic info about your religion, if you are not religious include info about your countries major religion
  • The home of.... include some pictures of the house and the are you live in, where you go shopping, play etc.
You can then include anything else you fancy.
Make up 7 packs, one for yourself and 6 to send. Obviously we won't have anyone in Antarctica so I am hoping someone will volunteer to do Antarctica - and pretend to be a research scientist.

It is quite a big project so please only sign up if you are prepared to commit 100%. I imagine it will take quite a while to get everything together so the mailing date will be the end of November. What do you think? Interested. If so, leave a comment with a contact email and which continent you live in (or if you want to do Antarctica). It will be first come, first served. I will do Asia, so we need the other continents please.

Right, now I have to go and sort out my eyeballs and severed fingers for the playgroup Halloween party....


  1. I would love to do Antarctica for you.

    myboysteacher at yahoo dot com

  2. I live in DC, so if you need someone to cover North America, I would love to help!

    rebekahcscott at gmail dot com

  3. whoops, gave you the wrong e-mail...

    myboysteacher34 at yahoo dot com

  4. I live in Italy, my English is not excellent but I will try to do my best ;-) So, Europe?

  5. Thank you, that means we have Asia, Antarctica, North America and Europe covered, any takers for the others? I think Africa might be a toughie!

  6. I live in Israel, but I see that Asia is covered. Perhaps, the next time. Such a great idea, Jo! It will be great, ladies, if you could share with us what you prepared. Thanks in advance! Good luck! Miri

  7. Jo...I'm trying to call out the troops. I know of a bunch of Australian Montessori blogs and I am sending them all notes right now. I know a couple of Montessori bloggers who USED to be from South America, I'll contact them as well as it would be better than nothing!

  8. I would love to do North America if you ever do this again, What a great idea! Looks like a ton of fun!

  9. I would be interested in this but we are going away shortly and there is no way I could have it done by the end of November.....the end of the year maybe! I am in AUSTRLALIA.

    Oh and thanks so much to M.B.T for letting me know about it on my blog. I think I accidentally deleted your comment lol!!

  10. Chris - thank you for the offer, can you leave a contact email address please.

    Maybe if we can get enough interest going we could start a second group.

    Kylie - it would be lovely to have you but I would prefer to get it out of the way before the Christmas chaos starts. or perhaps if we can get a second group going and have that deadline a bit later.

  11. If you do end up doing another group then I'd love to compile Australasia or Antartica.

    My father is a philatelist and has lots of great Antartic memoribilia stuff.

    Chaucey at

  12. I rushed over here but the closest continents were taken... I'm from New Zealand and Australia or Antartica were already taken... if either pull out let me know

    karmiec at

  13. Jo,

    It sounds like Chaucey might be the most qualified to do Antarctica. If you would like me to do Africa or South America instead so that she could take Antarctica, that would be fine with me. Let me know!

  14. No worries. It sounds like fun but I probably have too much on my plate between now and the end of the year anyway. ;)

  15. Me encanta el proyecto. No se inglés pero me lo podria apañar para traducir toda la información. Si hubiera una segunda oportunidad. Me gustaria ofrecerme para Europa. Nosotros vivimos en Cataluña (España). Muchas gracias por organizarlo todo!!
    A! Mi email es:
    Hasta pronto!!!

  16. Thank you to everyone who signed up so far, the last comment is all in Spanish so I don't really understand it. I Think she is in Spain!

    We haven't had any luck with Africa or South America yet, I have had someone email me offering to do it from Mexico. If she doesn't mind being the South America rep we could have...

    Jo - Asia
    Martha - South America
    Rebekah - North America
    Mammalisa - Europe
    Chris - Australia
    My Boys Teacher - Africa
    Chaucey - Antarctica

    what do you think?

  17. Sounds great, I'll get started on Africa right away.

    Pauman says "I love the project. I don't speak English, but would use a translator program and would love the opportunity if you do a second swap. I would like to offer myself for Europe, we live in Catalena (Spain). Thank you for organizing everything!"

  18. I would love to take part in a second group, I live in North America. Have you posted any pictures yet? Would love to them as well. Thanks. Linda

  19. Muchisimas gracias por esta estupenda idea!!! Creo que intentare hacerlo tambien en mi entorno... a ver como me sale ;)

    besitos y gracias otra vez


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