Sunday 29 November 2009

Come On Or-Ange

Yes, last night, I fell to sleep with Omiya FC chants going on in my head! At the start of the month it was hubby's birthday and all he asked for was a family day to the football (I don't usually go). Yesterday was the first match we were able to make it to and was the last home match of the season. Hubby bought non-reserved seats which meant we had to get there at 2pm to get a seat, kick off wasn't until 5pm!

It was all good fun, here are my boys turned into footie zombies, I am not much of a footie fan and was having just as much fun people watching :o)
Finally score 1-1 which means we don't drop down to the next division, phew!

It was a nice end to the week since we have all been sick, the doctor gave me tablets for my cough, which didn't like me and resulted in me getting to know the toilet much better if you catch my drift.
I have almost finished my continent swap goodies which means I can get cracking on my traditions swap! and it is getting to that time of year when I have to empty the pantry so I can get at all the Christmas stuff that is stored at the back. I am off on a mission to get the requirements for this top secret project and the little knight is staying home with daddy :o)

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