Monday 30 November 2009

I am feeling so organised....

I went to Costco with a friend on Friday, it is the first time I have been and I was hoping to get a light tent (she bought one for her hubby there) and some Christmas goodies. I failed with both so now the light tent is on my birthday list and I went into town yesterday to get everything else. Now, you might think I am mad buying my Christmas pud and ordering a a turkey when it is not even December yet, but I KNOW if I don't, I run the risk of not being able to get hold of them, it's not like I can nip down to the local supermarket to buy either.
I would love to make my own xmas puds but the cost of dried fruit is ridiculous here and it would cost a small fortune to make one pud, so it is Walkers puds for us.
The turkey, I order from The Meat Guy, I have used him for the last few years and always had excellent service. I don't have a very big freezer, it is a push to get a 1kg chicken in there, I have no hope of getting a turkey in, so I specify the delivery date and time so it will have time to thaw. I also have to cook the turkey on the 24th because I can't get the turkey and veg in the oven at the same time!
So, dinner is sorted, most of my cards are made and written, I have two presents that need sending to make, but I am waiting for a felt delivery the rest are done just need wrapping. Phew.
I can see we will have a big trip to the post office next weekend, my aim is to get it all sent off on Saturday so I can concentrate on gifts for those closer to home :o)


  1. Oh wow. That level of organisation is positively frightening to us mere mortals- I did lazily look through a year's worth of pictures last night but that's as close to nengajo as I've got so far...

    And when you have Christmas wrapped up by the first week in December what are you going to do for the rest of the month? Head start on Easter? ;P

  2. LOL! it may seem organised but it certainly doesn't look it! Last year I got in such a tiz trying to make everything and get everything sorted that I decided to start earlier this year and actually relax and enjoy the run up to Christmas!
    I do have a long list of things I want to make for Leo, a hobby horse, super hero cape, new apron... and I have my best friends new baby to make for too, due at Christmas, it's not like I will be sitting around bored.


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