Monday 9 November 2009

My brain isn't working

Ebi-kun had me up in the night, at 2am I hear the patter of feet, he usually comes into our room but instead I hear him charging down the stairs, well the first few and then thump.... thump......thud........ aggggghhhhhh.
He was OK, I don't think he was properly awake, he said he wanted some water, so we sorted him out, gave the necessary cuddles and all went back to bed, not long after, I was just dozing off when I hear the familiar patter of feet again and him charging down the stairs again, both me and hubby shouted him to stop and daddy shot out of the door to grab him.
This time he was in a right tiz saying that the aliens were scaring him. So he came in bed with us, and I kissed the rest of the night goodbye, trying to sleep with Ebi-kun is like trying to sleep with an octopus wearing hob-nailed boots.

Last week Daddy-ebi was off Monday and Tuesday, which was great but it tends to throw a spanner into the works with my schedule but we did manage to get some things squeezed in. We tried the colour mixing idea that I saw on Itty Bitty love. She had laminated the sheets but since they were only likely to get used once I just placed mine in a plastic sleeve and wiped it clean after each experiment. We have done colour mixing before but this was a good way to show gradients of colour. I think we will do the colour wheel next time.
There has also been a lot reading going on, Ebi-kun often picks up two books, one English and one Japanese then goes and finds a spot that he likes, I can here him reading to himself, so sweet. This book he is reading has the outlines of the pictures raised so you can close your eyes and trace the shapes with your fingers.

We don't watch much TV, in fact during the day it doesn't get turned on but sometimes we rent a film as a treat. This time we watched Narnia, I had to pre warn him that Aslan would die but he wasn't really dead, it was a trick. If I hadn't he would have been sobbing and missed the rest of the film. He did enjoy it and drew a picture of Aslan afterwards.
We also got started on the continent swap, I hope to get on with it properly this week and I also introduced addition and carrying a number over. I think he will have to try it a couple more time before he truly 'gets' it, it is fun seeing his little mind tick over :o)
Well, I am off to brew another strong coffee, I think we might both be needing a nap by this afternoon.

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