Tuesday 24 November 2009

Santa Fukurosu Ho Ho Ho

Santa Fukurosu Ho Ho Ho, only works if you understand Japanese, my hubby came up with it, fukurosu is owl and Japanese owls say Ho Ho Ho not tweet-a-whoo! So in Japanese it is quite a cute name for them :o)

I have made 5 of these cuties
They are about 3" high, without their hats.
and are available in the shop now! If you join my FB page, you can get 10% off!
Just a side note - many animals make different noises in Japan, this was always a fun lesson when I was teaching, so in Japanese.... (I am not sure about the spellings)
cats say 'neeya neeya'
dogs say 'wan wan'
frogs say 'geko geko'
elephants say 'baiyonnnn'

and of course my mind has gone blank and I hand think of anymore!


  1. Very cute.

    In Australia we say that owls make a sound similar to Japanese "Who, who, who"...

    I love all the sounds that "Japanese" animals make- my father thought it was hilarious when my husband would say "wan wan" to his dog...

  2. haha love it. How about "Kokke-kko-koooou" for the rooster.....I love different animal sounds in different languages. When I was a kid in Japan the joke was that dogs knew how to speak English. "One One One" for "wan wan"...... :D

    Enjoy your blog, and your creativity.


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