Friday 13 November 2009

making, making, making and not cleaning!

and the answer to yesterdays question is... dinosaur hats! As I was making the bags a little hand kept coming and pinching the scraps, when I went to see what he was up to, this is what I found.
I have made 4 of these little bags for Christmas presents, they are for 2-3 year olds so they really are quite small but they are also reversible. I made each one in different fabrics, I think this one is my favourite though, sorry about the pictures, the weather is awful and hence the bad lighting.

side one, with gardening girls fabric
the other side with this cute walk the dog fabric, I have used this in a big bag before, but not a kiddies one
Ebi-kun has also been busy, apart from dino hats, he kitted himself out with an archers outfit, protective bucket helmet (we used this at Halloween for a bean bag game), a bow made from a coat hanger and elastic bands, a quiver that I made from a piece of felt, arrows from cardboard - although my mom did suggest to Ebi-kun that he used garden canes or possibly felt tip pens as arrows, ohhh she is so brave when she is the other side of the world!
He also decorated his own slippers, I couldn't find any shoe style slippers for kids, only the slip on kind, which would be an accident waiting to happen the way he charges around the house so in the end I bought a pair of the yochien pumps, they were a bit, well, white for my liking so I gave Ebi-kun my fabric marker and fabric crayons and left him too it, stylish!
We also had a full day of painting, I can't show you the results yet because they are going to be Christmas presents. Wednesday I invited my neighbour over to teach her how to carve stamps, so we had fun stamping, Ebi-kun decorated two shirts but I forgot to take photos.

I also had a couple of custom orders to finish off, which wasn't easy since I sliced my thumb open last night on the parmasan shaker, how is anyone's guess. So there we have it, lots of creating and very little cleaning - that is life!


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