Saturday 14 November 2009

What a great idea

My mom was telling me about a family friend, Shirley. She has two grown up daughters who have decided that for Christmas they are only allowed to spend ten pounds per person, that is already a great idea BUT they also added the condition that they are only allowed to spend the money at charity shops! Apparently Shirley's grand daughters have already had some great finds, it would be interesting to se what they found. Sadly, we can't do this in Japan, as there are no charity shops!

Talking of shops, we had to go into town yesterday to pick up some bits and bobs. I don't like shopping with Ebi-kun in tow, it takes me three times longer to get it done but I do like having lunch with him. Ebi-kun LOVES trying new cafes and new food. I admit, I usually only pick places where I can read the menu - so if it is a kanji heavy menu, I give it a miss, I don't eat fish and even if you tell the waiting staff this, they don't class shrimp, clams, anchovies etc. as fish! Anyway, yesterday we spotted a new place, the menu was in French and Japanese so we decided to give it a go - I should note here that I don't speak French either but I reckoned I could make an educated guess.
We had a lovely lunch with French toast in a big salad which came with 4 fancy dressings, Ebi-kun couldn't decide which one so, I put a bit of each and he dip-dipped his salad in them and we had a side dish of gorgonzola potatoes. They were quite strong so I wasn't sure if he would like them, but he wolfed them down. When we had finished he thanked the chef and told him it was delicious. I just love the fact that we can eat out properly and not have to resort to the likes of Mcdonalds.
The lovely Jackie AKA Mee A Bee has given me a Kreative Blogger award, Thank you. I am also keeping the promise I made to myself last time, so thank you again and let's leave it at that!


  1. So what do people do with the things they don't want anymore if there are no charity shops?
    I love that your boy is an adventurous eater!

  2. either chuck them out or if it is a decent state there are recycle shops that you sell the goods to, they don't give you much for what you are selling. I would prefer to give it to a charity shop for free than sell it to a company for next to nothing and them make a big profit.
    Clothes are collected once a month and given to shelters or said overseas as aid.
    There is also an English group called Tell and Sell which is where i try and sell off anything of ours before resorting to the recycle shop.

  3. I loved reading your answer to the question about charity shpos because it puzzled me as well.

  4. If I was going to eat out with my kids, I think I'd like to go there too! Great idea and definitely beats fast food!!


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