Thursday 10 December 2009

Advent activities

I noticed some people in blogland are super organised and have an activity set up already for each day, I tried this last year and it flopped, so this year I decide the night before what we are going to do. This works better for us because I can take into account the weather, playdates, errands that have to be run etc.
One of the activities so far was to make snowflakes, we cut some out of paper and we also used the packing peanuts that came in a parcel to make some, if you wet them they dissolve a bit and you can stick them together. We also attempted to make an igloo.
Another day he wrote a letter to Santa, he also addressed the envelope and he took it to the post office and bought his stamp, the clerk was looking a bit sceptical (back home the clerk would have played along, but this woman was obviously clueless in the etiquette of sending Santa a letter!). We have also made (and eaten) mince pies, put up the decorations, made an angel and we are half way through the salt dough decorations.
Yesterday, Ebi-kun decided to do some bone work to, he is still very much into the body and bones etc. Here he is writing the names of the bones.
Then we made a moveable skeleton, printed out from here.
Last night I entered the latest Spoonflower competition, to design a piece of children's clothing that can be printed on 1 yard of fabric. This is the first of Spoonflower's competitions that I really wanted to enter but with it being right before Christmas it was a toughie to get finished. Sadly, there is no way to get the pants I designed printed and made up in time for when they put up the entries, I will let you know when they do (because I will be begging for votes LOL )

and have you entered the giveaway yet?


  1. oh we love making snowflakes, its our fav christmas activity, we end up with millions of them, then they get coloured in and look really good, youve also reminded me, the kids havent posted their santa letters just yet, phew, where are the days going.


  2. I think one day at a time is definitely the way to go with the advent activities...especially with little ones. I'm dropping by to say thank you for commenting on my blog and introducing yourself. It's so nice to meet you.


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