Friday 11 December 2009

and now for something completely different!

My uncle Dave is a head chef, not so exciting, but he is the head chef on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean! Now, that is more exciting. He is usually based off the coast of Scotland, somewhere in the North Sea but at the moment he is on a big adventure. They are moving the rig all the way to the Falklands, a trip that is supposed to take 5 weeks, but considering they have been stuck on the English Channel for a week, I think it may take a bit longer. He also sent me a link to Marine Traffic, where you can track ships around the world, it is pretty cool. I haven't linked to his rig, I'm not sure if that is allowed.
He has been sending me pictures, when he (and my aunt and cousins) came to stay I was asking 101 questions about life on the rig, ever wondered how they get on and off? They use this scary looking device.
Usually, they fly on and off by helicopter, the training they have to do sounds terrifying, escaping from a capsized helicopter, in freezing water does not sound like a barrel of laughs to me.
It does look quite pretty at night, Uncle Dave usually works three weeks on, three weeks off I think, but this is going to be a much longer trip, of course, he will be missing Christmas but I think the family have got used to this.
Ebi-kun wants to know if it is scary when you get on and off the rig? Do you have any questions I can put to uncle Dave about living and working on the rig?


  1. Is it all guys or are there women who work it too? What sort of food does he usually fix?

  2. Few questions: why do they move the rig from off scotland to Falkands? No more oil? It is a long way to go! how do they it? I thought the oil rig were firmly stuck on the sea bead forever....thank you for sharing ...

  3. My Dad worked on Oil Rigs for many years...I wonder if he has sampled some of your uncle's cooking? I know what the missing Christmas is like....a bummer. Its very interesting. I can remember when I was in Junior school he came and did a presentation on what it was like to live/work on an oil rig.


  4. I will pass on the questions...
    and do a follow up post.

    Emma- you never know, Dave has worked on the rigs for years, he worked different ones I think but I think he has always been in the North Sea area. One of my cousins is a rigger too but I think he is out in Mexico or somewhere like that!


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