Monday 28 December 2009

Christmas day

This year there was just the three of us, so Christmas day was a laid back family affair, it is actually a work day for my husband but he always takes the day off. He designs industrial cake mixing machines and the such like so every Christmas eve he gets sent home with a fancy cake. Of course, every year I forget, this year I remembered so we had vanilla pod and pistachio mousse cake and fresh fruit for breakfast!
Then we got down to the business of opening presents, Ebi-kun got 3 more knights to go with the one he already had so now he has two goodies and two baddies. He also got loads of great new books, which should keep him quiet for quite a while
We stopped at lunch for dinner, I have to cook the turkey the day before because I can't fit the turkey and veg in my little oven (little to westerners, most Japanese people think it is massive)
After lunch we started again with the gifts, we didn't have that many but Ebi-kun likes to open a present and thoroughly inspect it before moving onto the next one. This year I had made a big pile of fabric gift bags and a few furoshiki. It was so much quicker wrapping the gifts and the rubbish pile was much smaller this year and of course, the old adage that kids like the wrapping more than the gift still rings true, especially if you can wear the furoshiki as a cape...
He wore it until he opened this one that I had made for him....
And the top present this year? The only one he actually asked for...yep, the hobby horse. One very, very happy little Sir. This is the only decent photo I managed to get of them both, Sir Ebi-kun spent most of the day charging around the house on Spotty, his faithful steed. (I will do a separate post about making him)
I got some lovely pressies too including fancy, adult felt tip pens, pendant and a subscription to Sew Hip :o)
If you are a Flickr friend or family you can see the rest of the Christmas pictures here.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the Hobby Horse. That looks like so much fun! :)

  2. Wow! I love those fantastic pressies you made for Sir Ebi Kun and I also can't wait to read the separate post about the Hobby Horse when you get back.

    I have also noticed that you have bought him Schleich figurines (knights). We absolutely love collecting Schleich toys here.

    How was the cake?

  3. thanks guys! I will try and do a round up of the gifts I made plus a review of the hobby horse pattern. Ebi-kun loves the Schleich knights, the detail is amazing on them, he now knows which is a mre and which is the gelding :o)
    and the cake...delicious!


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