Thursday 24 December 2009

A Christmas Outing

December 23rd is a national holiday in Japan, it is the Emperors birthday, so a few years ago we started a tradition where we get together with friends and have a trip into Tokyo. We go to the Hobgoblin in Shibuya for lunch, there isn't usually anyone else in there that early so it doesn't matter if the kids run amok. We fill our boots with good old English grub and beer/cider before heading off to the Metropolitan kids hall, 10 minutes up the road, it is a 5 floored play centre and all free. The kids enjoyed the clown show last year so we made a point of getting there to watch it again this year. Then the kids ran themselves silly, Ebi-kun LOVES the music room, they have all kinds of instruments for the kids to try, must say that the drum kit is looking a bit battered now. Around 5pm, we all got together and headed down to Shinjuku to see the pretty lights before collapsing on a train home. I always enjoy this day out, it feels like the holiday season has finally started.

A Merry Christmas To You All
and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a lovely 25th!

ps. I didn't win the Spoonflower competition, I didn't really expect to with all those girlie designs, thank you to all those that voted, I am still hoping the fabric will arrive today so I can make the pants up for Christmas!


  1. Thats a pity - your design was really cool. Boys truly have a raw deal when it comes to cool clothes! Do show us when you get the pants made :)

  2. Merry Christmas to all you Ebis too! I voted and am sorry you didn't win but it's still a pretty cool design and I am sure Ebi kun is going to really enjoy wearing his unique trousers.


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