Monday 21 December 2009

Enomoto Bokocho Ice Candles

Enomoto farm is one our favourite places to visit, they have a few animals to pet, you can watch the cows being milked using a fancy 100% automated machine, there are loads of bikes and trikes for the kids to ride on in the yard and they sell the best ice-cream for miles around. Last year we found out about the ice candles so I made certain that we wouldn't miss it this year. The weather was perfect (and really cold). We did get there a bit early and they were still setting up, so we had a wander down by the river.
They also give out free soup, hot, hot soup, so good. So we went upstairs in the barn to eat, when we came out, it was properly dark and the candles looked great. Next year is the Chinese year of the tiger....
This is a Sea Angel, very cute and there were several other designs including a Santa and a Christmas pud.
They freeze the water in milk cartons and a handful in bowls, they have a big freezer for the ice-cream, I assume sales are down in the winter so they have more space. Some of the candles are coloured, they are very effective. We had a great turn out of playgroup friends too, it is a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit without having to battle the crowds to looks at the lights.
One good thing about celebrating Christmas here is that you don't get bombarded with TV ads, when I go to get my last minute veg and groceries on Christmas eve, I will not have to fight my way around the supermarket, it will be like shopping on any other day and there is not that expectation of a thousand presents under the tree. For most it is a normal school/work day, the kids will get a present (maybe), KFC dinners and strawberry shortcake will be eaten and that is it. Now, the run up to New years, that is a whole different story...

Not much time left to vote, get a wriggle on if you haven't already done so....

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  1. Ahhhh they look so pretty Jo, what a fab place to go. We've had some snow here which has been lovely, until I have to drive in it today :( and yes I wish I could avoid those dreaded Christmas adverts....sick of seeing them and still another 4 days to go.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, hugs and best wishes to you and your family. xx


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