Sunday 20 December 2009

My Birthday

I decided rather last minute, that I didn't fancy staying at home for my birthday - mainly because I would end up doing piles of housework, not my idea of fun. So, I invited my neighbour Tammy and along with Ebi-kun, first we stopped off for some lunch then we all went to the Saitama Modern Art Museum in Kita Urawa. It is two minutes walk from the station and in a park, so it is quite a nice place to go with kids.
We didn't pay for the special exhibition, instead just had a look in the main galleries. This was one our our favourites, a little man standing on top of this big mountain, it is even more impressive when you see the painting up close...
They are all individual grains of rice!
There were also a family of Elephants hanging out in the main gallery
Downstairs, there was art being displayed from various high schools around Saitama, I let Ebi-kun loose with the camera so we have a great collection of blurry photos, I did manage to get a couple of shots in. I love this one of the albino peacock, very eye catching.
And we all liked this one, I asked Ebi-kun what was wrong with the picture and he pointed out the penguin with the backpack and then the one flying upside down, and then the one carrying the baby but he didn't once say it was odd because the penguins were flying. When I mentioned it to him, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that penguins can fly, it is just that they do it under water.
After the gallery, we had a play in the park, until we all started to turn blue, then we headed to Starbucks for a nice hot coffee to warm us up before heading home. My hubby managed to get home in time to do the bath and bed thing with Ebi-kun so it was a nice relaxing end to the day.

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  1. Happy Birthday - and thanks for sharing the exhibit.

  2. Happy Birthday ! and your pants are great !

  3. Ebi-kun is right about the penguins. :) I thought that was so cute. It sounds like you had a lovely day.


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