Sunday 6 December 2009

The Ornament Tradition

When Ebi-kun had his first Christmas, I decided to start a new tradition, so every year I have bought him a special ornament. The first two were store bought ornaments but then I discovered the wonderful world of Etsy!
This year we have set them all up in the genkan (the entrance way, you take your shoes off here and often when people such as teachers come round, it is not deemed right to invite them in, instead you talk about your business in the the genkan, all a bit odd to me, but there we have it.) It is difficult to get a decent photo since we are not rich and our genkan is not very big!
So far, year 1, we gave him the clear glass one with a Christmas tree inside, year 2 was the big green one, year 3 was the purple one which I got from Providence Art Glass and last year was the old Santa in the green glass disc which I got from Squid Glass. This year I have ordered this one, it took me quite a while to decide, I hope he likes it.

Yesterday, I went to Nippori for fabric, I wanted some for myself and actually bought about equal amounts for me and the shop :o). It was manic there, absolutely packed and I found myself being really indecisive, I think the idea of standing in a really long queue to get one piece of fabric cut was really putting me off. It was successful in the fact that I bought everything I needed for my projects and I have a handful of new fabrics for the shop. Of course, whilst I am in the last shop, the heavens opened and I was foolish enough not to have taken a brolly with me. I managed to pick one up for ¥145 so it wasn't too bad and hubby called me to say he would pick me up in the car when I got to the station, so at least me and the fabrics didn't get home as a soggy mess!
Last night, I packaged up all the presents, shop orders and swap packages and so we are off for a jumbo trip to the post office, I think the clerk will do a runner when they see us coming :o)

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  1. Oh I Like the bottom one, how did you do that one?

  2. I love this! I started making as well as purchasing a new ornament for each of the kids this year. I found some adorable sock monkey ornaments that I picked up for them tonight. :)

  3. Renee- I didn't make any of them, thay are all bought! but handmade, just not by me :o)

  4. I like the littles Christmas trees ^^
    is an interesting data this Genkan thing!


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