Sunday 20 December 2009

Rig Watch #2

Uncle Dave is still making his way to the Falklands on the oil rig, I sent him some questions from readers and Ebi-kun.

Ebi-kun asked, is it scary getting on and off the rig?
Yes, it's very scary when we have to change crew by the billy pugh (photo in this post), we usually get on and off by helicopter, like this one.
Is it all guys or are there women who work it too?
Traditionally it was only men , but now we do have women , apart from stewardess, there are geologists, engineers, and mud loggers.

What sort of food do you usually fix?
I cook everything, we have to cater for all types. I do special evenings curry evenings, Turkish, Greek , St Georges Day, Robbie Burns, Chinese, Indian, anything! This time I have done a St Andrews Night (see the photos)
Why do they move the rig from off scotland to Falkands? No more oil? I thought the oil rig were firmly stuck on the sea bead forever....thank you for sharing ...
We are going to the Falklands because they think there is oil there, we are a drilling exploration rig we can sail, we have thrusters which enable us to get into position, but for any distances we need a tug to tow us there. When we are in postion , we get the tugs to put out our anchors, 16 of them, we still move with the sea the drilling pipes stay still. There is still oil in Scotland,and the rest of the UK and gas in the south of England.
Where does the poo go?
The poo goes to what we call a red fox unit where bugs break it down and it get treated and put to the fish to eat mmmmm*

*and people wonder why I don't eat fish!

How many people are there usually on the rig?
We have 120 beds usually around 115 onboard at any one time, its a full hotel service, making beds, cleaning etc.

How long have you been on the rigs and have you ever had a fire or scary experience on the rig?
I've been on the rigs for 20 years we have had some scary moments, fires, nearly tipping over or turing turtle as we call it, I don't get sea sick but I've seen some who do and it's not nice.

Sorry Emma, I couldn't ask him if he had worked with your dad, because I don't know your dads name!

Thank you to Uncle Dave for taking the time out to answer all our questions, the lastest message I got was to say that is was rough weather, gale force 9! brrrr, a sailors life is not for me!

There is still time to cast your vote, if you haven't had chance to yet, come on, help me put the cool boys pants at the top!

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions Dave! I wish I could come visit for dinner!


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