Wednesday 2 December 2009

Tis the season

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Yesterday we got the decorations out, it seemed to take all day but they are finally up, Ebi-kun is really excited about it all. As we were unpacking everything, he asked where the farm was, what farm? The one with the baby and the animals he says, aha - the nativity set! This morning I found him using the nativity pieces for a game of football, Mary and Joesph were the goalies and Baby Jesus the ref!
I will take some photos of the decorations today, it was dark by the time I finished yesterday. We also found out the Christmas books and I though I would share our favourites and would love it if you could share yours.

Santa's Suit. This is a touchy feely board book and the first Christmas book Ebi-kun owned. It is still a favourite, he is actually sitting reading it himself as I type.

Fireside Stories. This is a Barefoot book so you know it is going to be good. It is a collection of 8 winter stories from around the world and the illustrations are beautiful, it definitely is a snuggly under a blanket of a cold day type of book.

Is That You Santa? This is a fun book for those not yet reading, I have had it for years and used to use it when I was teaching. In the back are a set of 24 flashcards and then the story is written with some of the words represented by pictures so the child can 'read' along too.

I Spy Merry Christmas. This is a fun book to take on car trips or stick in your bag when you know you are going to hanging around with a bored child somewhere, (doctors office, bank, train). Last year Ebi-kun just used the picture prompts but this year he can read what he is supposed to look for.
The Snow Angel. This is a lovely books about giving and thinking of others at Christmas time, beautifully written and illustrated. The first time we read it, he did get upset because he thought the 'angel' had died, he knows the story now so it's OK - such a sensitive little soul.

and finally, The Night Before Christmas, the classic poem again beautifully illustrated (can you see a theme here!), our copy came with a CD too and last year this book was requested EVERY night for the whole of December!

If you are ordering books online, I highly recommend The Book Depository and they have FREE WORLDWIDE shipping, love it :o)

I haven't ordered a Christmas book yet this year, what are your recommendations?


  1. Love the nativity football game! What a typical boy. ;) And really, you have to admit that Baby Jesus as the ref makes perfect sense.

  2. We're not ready to put our decorations up yet, lots of tidying to do first! I wish, wish , wish I'd brought our nativity set from home :-(

  3. I'm looking to expand our holiday book collection for the kids, so I'm glad to see your suggestions! This year I got my daughter God Gave Us Christmas. She loves it, and it's been a daily read since we got it.

    I just started putting up decorations yesterday. :)

  4. Just in case you don't know the Crafty Crow ( is doing a fantastic series of Christmas books - a book and activity a day - there are loads of lovely books - I've certainly expanded my collection as a result :-)

  5. thanks for saying hey over to my blog...good luck on all the giveaways

  6. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.
    The illustrations are beautifully detailed and the story very warm. If I were to nit-pick I'd say it has a slightly heavy message at the end but I edit that out (though not sure for how long - the 4-year in these parts is also beginning to read!)

  7. I am a big fan of Jane Chapman


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