Friday 4 December 2009

What's it going to be?

I scored a pile of free books the other day, they are Children's Hour (the radio show) stories, hardback books from 1954 and still in pretty good nick, I am sure Ebi-kun will love the stories, I should have taken a picture of some of the pictures, so funny. Anyway, Ebi-kun really wasn't that interested in the books because he spotted the big box that they came in. He begged me to have it then asked be to cut some holes in it for him, which I did, then he set to work, painting and sticking, kept him busy for ages......

and this is what he made...a robot suit.
He is very much into dressing up and role play just now, yesterday I was chatting to my mom on the computer and Ebi-kun kept running past, this was the conversation that happened next...

Nana: what are you doing?
Ebi-kun: poaching
Nana: poaching? (confused) poaching what?
Ebi-kun: pheasants of course! They have eaten the raisins with the tablets in and they have gone up in the trees to sleep and now they are falling out, I am putting them in my (imaginary) bag.
Nana: ahhhh? (still confused)

Made me laugh because I knew what he was talking about, we are reading Danny Champion Of The World by Roald Dahl, it was one of my favourite books as a kid and Ebi-kun was acting out the last chapter we read :o)

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy and we haven't done much Montessori work off the shelves but there has been a lot of building of cities with wooden blocks, role playing, and lots and lots of cutting, sticking, painting and gluing. I have had to designate a basket for boxes and bits that he keeps pulling out of the recycling. The new rule is, he can keep anything he likes as long as if will all fit in the basket, when it starts to overflow he has to decided which things to throw out, I say throw out, it all gets recycled. Seems to be working up to now....

Just wanted to remind you that I have some free penguin counting cards available here for those with kiddies at that stage.

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  1. Your kid is really incredible! To imagine that costume, and have the perseverance to make it himself, at this age - I can find no other words!

  2. I knew exactly what was happening at the mention of raisins! _ I love Roald Dahl as well...

  3. Oh thats so cool.:)
    Cute photo :)


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