Friday 22 January 2010

Antarctica - penguins

Ebi-kun started by matching the penguin cards, it is while since he has had these out and he had forgotten quite a few. Once he had matched them I asked him to use the info cards and find the smallest penguin, he did this quite quickly - I think the name 'Little Penguin' gave it away :o)
Then I asked him to do the same but find the tallest, so he went through them all until he found the Emperor Penguin. I like to keep him on his toes, so I then asked him to put his coat and shoes on and get his chalk out - this totally threw him since we were in the middle of 'work'.

I grabbed the tape measure and together we measured the height of little penguin on the road, I drew the outline and Ebi-kun coloured him in, then Ebi-kun lay down and I drew around him, he is 105cm and finally we measured the Emperor penguin, who is 110cm. Ebi-kun labelled them all, he was quite surprised to see how big the Emperor is.
We went back inside and then read a couple of poems from Antarctic Antics which is a very cute book and funny too, and how many little boys wouldn't love a poem called regurgitate?
He also read Antarctica (Rookie reader) but Ebi-kun complained that it was too easy! the one thing I didn't like about this book was that they have some words with the pronunciation in brackets but the pronunciation is American English. Ebi-kun read the word then the pronunciation and asked why they had done that, it doesn't make sense, I have to agree. Nice pictures but I don't think we will be buying any more books from this series.


  1. LOVE the measuring and drawing for height comparison so simple and effective a real a-ha moment for him
    thanks for sharing

  2. That is a great idea re the measurement! Love it! Thank you.

  3. Thanks for reposting about the penguin cards. I didn't print them off last time, and soon we are doing penguins & antartica around here! (We did the measuring thing last year with my then 4 year old. He loved it!)



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