Friday 8 January 2010

New Fabrics...

I spent all last night stock taking, exciting, I know! Then today daddy-ebi took Ebi-kun off to the park so I finally got to list the new fabrics I bought last year, that sounds so dramatic but in reality it was a couple of weeks ago!

Here are some of my favourites, these musical animals are just too cute!
And I couldn't resist this one, it would be perfect for covered buttons
and this, oh my, I will be quite happy if it doesn't sell, then it will find it's way into my own stash - this is why I only ever buy fabrics I love!
Of course, I have to get some boyish prints too, the last lot of this I had flew out of the shop, it is double sided linen blend, really soft, robots on one side and stars on the other, hmmmm
I was also featured on Cuteable yesterday along with some other cute items, you should check out her blog and then pop over to my shop, there is bound to be something you really need!

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