Friday 8 January 2010


This morning we had to go to the yochien (kindy) to get him sized for his uniform, sort out the bus route and have an interview. It was all pretty straight forward, I am not sure what he did in his interview, all I can get out of him was that sensei asked some questions - he can't remember what and he had to do some spot the difference pictures, it was fun!
Although I am sure we could get all this pre-kindy hoo-haa finished in one day if need be, I quite like the fact that we have to go several times since it makes Ebi-kun feel more relaxed about the place, he had no qualms about going off for his interview by himself. We also had a chat with the Sensei who runs the place, we had put on the application form that we have been doing Montessori at home, he said that they have some Montessori equipment at the kindy but it is difficult to organise the kids into using it - I did notice they had the Montessori bells in the big music room. I am not really bothered about him doing Montessori work there, for us, the socialisation is the important aspect. Ebi-kun is looking forward to starting and I am looking forward to having some time to myself to work on designs and the shop, roll on April.

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