Wednesday 6 January 2010

Now for something more serious...

When I lived in Israel, I worked at a little theatre which is where I met my partner in crime, E. You know as you go through life you come across people that you instantly click with, well that was what it is like when I met her. She is funny, sarcastic and sassy and also a diabetic, she was the first person I met with diabetes and bought a new awareness to me, teaching me all about diabetic lows and highs and what to do if I was with her and she went into a low (or high).
We lost touch a few year back but with the magic of facebook we are back in contact and I found out she recently had a 'low' incident but was lucky enough to have someone recognise the symptoms and help her out.
Do you know how to recognise the symptoms and would you know what to do if someone was in a diabetic low/high? If not, please take a few minutes and pop over to E's blog, Bits and Books.... where she has written about her recent experiences and how to help if you are ever in that situation. Taking a few minutes to read her blog post could save someone's life.


  1. Thanks so much Jo, so glad we met up years later on Facebook and Twitter. Think back on those thatre days with you with much fondness.

  2. There is an award for you on my blog!

  3. important post, glad you wrote about it.
    Hugs from Israel!


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