Thursday 7 January 2010


For Christmas Ebi-kun got the Ed Emberley Thumbprint Drawing Book, we got it out for the first time a couple of days ago and he LOVES it. First we covered a page with different thumb and finger prints.
Then he worked through the book trying out all the different pictures you can make, he spent over and hour on it before lunch then got straight back to it after lunch and then got it out again later in the day. He really enjoyed seeing how to make the characters then mixing them up to make his own. As I write he has the other Ed Emberley book out, Make A World, hopefully that will keep him quiet today :o) I like the way that each drawing is broken down so you can see how to make the picture step by step and each picture just uses a few simple lines. I am sure it would be a great book for those kids who have no confidence in drawing.

and I had to share this, it is the card he left for Santa on Christmas Eve, I just love the reindeer and his fancy scarf with bells and the blanket he is wearing, he modelled it on this reindeer :o)

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