Saturday 13 February 2010

About time for a new swap?

I am getting those swap itches again and I have been wondering what to do next, a while a go a couple of people suggested a fabric swap, now up until now my swap have always been Montessori themed but I though it might be fun to have a swap where my non-Montessori readers could join in too BUT for it still have a use in Montessori circles.

This is how it will work, each group will have 4 members, that means each person has to send swap items out to 3 people.

You MUST be willing to ship internationally.

I will try and mix up the groups as much as possible but it always comes down to who signs up.

You will send two different fat quarters of fabric to each person in your group. One piece must be a traditional the other a contemporary print, from the country you are representing* plus a postcard of either where you are sending from or where you are representing.

What is a fat quarter? There is a full definition here but basically you will need to buy 2 yards of fabric (one traditional, one contemporary) and cut each one into 4 squares. You get to keep a fat quarter for yourself and send the other 3.
***if you live somewhere that uses the metric system, use 1m of fabric for each type instead of a yard***

What do you mean, the country I am representing? This is part is important for the Montessori side, I am thinking that these pieces of fabric can be put into the continent boxes and so it is important that you know where the fabric originated from. If you can find out the history of the fabric that you are sending, that would be great. You can choose to represent the country you reside in, and this is probably the easier option for most or you may just happen to have a stash of Gambian fabric or something similar that you are happy to part with, in which case you would be representing Gambia.

Why a fat quarter? A fat quarter is a decent sized piece of fabric and for those who intend to make something with their fabric it is more useful than a regular quarter yard. I hope to find some fat quarter tutorials to link to for those who are interested.

Can I sign up for more than one group? Sure, please let me know when you email me.

Now for the nitty gritty...

You have until February 27th to sign up. Swap items must be sent out by March 14th.
If you are interested in signing up you need to do 2 things, you need to do both so that I can double check if anyone has got lost.

1. Leave a comment on THIS post
2. Send me an email, details below.

email with FABRIC SWAP in the subject line to...
montessori.swapshop at gmail dot com

I DO NOT want your mailing address, you will swap these with your partners once you get your group. I do need the following info...

  1. your name
  2. email address
  3. country you will represent
These swaps are done completely on trust and I can not be held responsible if your swap partner doesn't hold up their end of the bargain. I have enjoyed the swaps in the past, obviously otherwise I wouldn't keep doing them, occasionally I have had a bad egg in the group but all in all in has been a great experience and I have met some wonderful people. I encourage you to communicate with your swap partners, introduce yourself, share your passions etc. The groups that do this get so much more out of the swaps.

So, what you waiting for? Go and sign up!


  1. Please count me in! We don't have fat quarters here, as we have a metric system, but I will manage to find something. Great idea!
    Miri from Israel

  2. Good point, we are metric too, there isn't much difference in a yard and metre so just go with the metric :)

  3. We would love to be included here, too! It is probably easiest for me to represent the US, but I know of a stash of sari fabrics from India that I could use if you have too many US representatives...

    Great idea - thanks for organizing it!

  4. COunt me in please. I prefer to use metric as well (was born with the metric system and don't understand the imperial system at all;)

  5. Count me in as well. Sounds like a blast. Dawn from the USA.

  6. Can I join in too, as long as you don't already have too many people repesenting Japan? I love fabric and I'm just getting into Montessori so this is perfect!


  7. I would love to be included in this too. I already have some ideas going for the United States. Thanks for holding this swap.

  8. I always love your swaps so count me in on this one too. It sounds like fun!

  9. I always enjoy your swaps. Count me in on this one.

  10. This sounds wonderful!! Count me in. I can't wait to go choose my fabrics!!!

  11. Kia ora! Count me in! There are some beautiful designs available here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  12. Kia ora! Count me in! We have some beautiful fabric here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  13. I've been keeping up with your blog lately and love all of the ideas--and everyday things you share.

    I'd like to do the swap! This sounds like a fabulous idea to represent the different countries!

  14. I would love to swap, please sign me up. Melanie from Spain

  15. count me in . will use metric too . it will be my first swap , and hope for many more .i will send some african textile

  16. I'd like to join. I've no idea what I could represent but I'll check out what Hancock has to offer. Is that acceptable to use mass marketed fabrics? I don't have cool access ;) Do you have any idea what the costs are for shipping when it comes to international swaps? Also, If I find some awesome fabric can you join more than one/have more than one swapper? I'd love some nice fabrics for the kids' culture bins.

    Honey I've added your need for swappers to my blog.

  17. Hello!! I would love 'in'! What a great idea - I LOVE love love fabric and textiles, their history and 'flavah'. Can I sign up for two groups? I represent the US. Can't wait - this is going to be so fun!

    I have also reposted your call for swap-ies!

  18. Hi, I'd like to join your fabric swap too. I'll represent the Netherlands. Next week there is a big fabric market, so, I will buy some metres of fabric.

    Greetings Annemieke

  19. I have never done a swap before, but it sure sounds fun. Please count me in!!

  20. I would love to take part! It would be my first swap, and the idea to make it international really appeals to me! The idea to (perhaps) receive some fabric from New Zealand (where we honeymooned, -wonderful country, beautiful memories!) or from colorful Africa is definitely tantalizing!
    I am from Belgium, so I'd say I will represent this country, although I am not sure at this moment where I can find some genuine 'Belgian' fabric - I'll do my best!

    Wonderful idea!

    Sabine from Belgium
    (sorry, no google account or anything like it, I will e-mail you with my id details)

  21. Jocelyn Robinson
    Canada The Great White North

  22. please count me in
    jocelyn robinson remus
    cascacahawk @ gmail. com

  23. I would love to be involved in this! I absolutely love mail swaps! This is such a great idea!

  24. i would love to do this!

    will send an email with my contact details.

    found you through BPS...what a fun idea! i so love fabric!

    heather roberts, slc, ut, usa

  25. Count me in I love different kinds of swaps so excited.

  26. Hi, please count me in. I love textiles passionately. Would it be OK to include my own fabric (dyed/printed/embroidered) vs. bought fabric? by the way, I'm from Canada

  27. I would love to be a part of this swap!


  28. I would like to be a part of this swap. Thanks again Jo, for setting up yet another cool swap!
    Happy weekend,
    Colleen from the USA

  29. If you want to sign up for the swap please be sure to send me an EMAIL with your details, cheers.

  30. Count me in as well! Thanks, Jenn Pierson

  31. Count me in! This will be fun! Best, marianne

  32. I would love to be included.

  33. Great idea! Thanks for hosting this and please count me in.
    Jennifer H. in Canada

  34. Hello. I love this idea. I would like to sign up. Lenka, Czech Republic (home of the world's fastest ice skater:-)

  35. Hello. I love this idea. I would like to sign up. Lenka, Czech Republic (home of the world's fastest ice skater).


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