Monday 15 February 2010

A box from Auntie

Every now and then we get a box sent from my husbands aunt, it always amuses me, with what I consider to be odd contents, yesterdays box had...
2 heads of broccoli
1 cabbage
3 packs of ume boshi (pickles plums, their business is growing and pickling them)
a coin purse
small picture and frame
an apron
a bag of rice
3 lemons
a small pouch.

At home I would never think of sending anyone veg through the post or a bag of rice (that would cost an arm and a leg). The picture is a koi noburi, a boys day carp

And the purse is a fugu (blow fish) and it is all hand stitched, very sweet. The small pouch was in a plastic bag, I took it out and gave it a sniff then spent the next half hour sneezing, it was lavender and I am allergic to it urgh.

We also got ourselves a wii fit plus yesterday so we spend the afternoon and evening playing on that, what fun!

Don't forget to sign up for the fabric swap, Miri and Gigig can you email me your details please?
And the Celebrate the Boy sale is still on in the shop.


  1. I have never heard of sending veggies in the mail before either.

  2. Veggies in the mail sounds hilarious. One time my friend tried to ship me a banana through the post office, but not in a box. He just wrote my address on the banana. Funny thing was, it actually went through some rounds and then came back to him when it was about ready to be banana bread. LOL.

    Awesome about the Wii Fit! We have one and love it. I got The Biggest Loser game for it and it's currently kicking my butt. ;)


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