Monday 22 February 2010

Fabric swap

Just a few days left to sign up! Here is an example of some fabrics, the top is a very traditional Japanese design on indigo dyed fabric, a way of dying fabric that has been used in Japan for centuries. The bottom fabric is a linen/cotton blend by Echino, Etsuko Furuya's label, her prints are becoming popular worldwide and she uses a unique combination of colours, I think she represents the modern Japan very well with her bold and funky designs.
You are not expected to buy designer fabric, often it is very expensive, and I only buy it if I drop on it in a sale, so either go with a design or look that you feel sums up the country you are representing right now. I am not going to specify what type of fabric you get but I would recommend steering clear of cheap and nasty polyester types, if in doubt go with cotton.
As for the size of the fabric, I think most countries use metric these days, just go with whatever your country uses, there is very little difference at the end of the day. You will need 2yds /2m of fabric, one of each type, a traditional and a contemporary. Fabric is usually sold off the bolt and is usually 44"/110cm wide (knits and upholstery weight fabric is often different). So you should have 2 pieces like this....

So, simple cut into 4 quarters like the diagram above, you send three to your swap partners and keep one for yourself.
I haven't received emails from everyone who has left a comment, so if you want to sign up drop me a line with your details. If you haven't received an email today from me then you are not signed up yet (remember to check your Spam box too).


  1. I really hope to get this right I keep one section of the fabric and send the other three to my swap partner.

  2. you will have 3 swap partners, you send each of them 2 pieces of fabric, one traditional and one contemporary.
    In return you will get three packages back, each contains two pieces of fabric.
    Does that make sense?

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  4. Sorry, another question for you :-)

    Do I have to send the same fabric to each of my swap partners or can I send different designs to each person? (As long as each person gets one traditional and one contemporary of course).

    Thanks for organising all this!

  5. ohhh forgot to mention that, yes, you can send different ones to different partners, might be good for those of us with an extensive stash!

  6. I am excited about this swap.


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