Sunday 21 February 2010

Montessori Knobless Cylinder Extension Pack

Ebi-kun has been working with the knobless cylinders this week, mainly using the extension cards, it is a bit more of a challenge doing it with his left hand.

  I decided to try a new extension card where he would have to build the pattern upwards it was definitely more of a challenge, I might make a couple more. If you would like a copy of the file, pop over to Etsy to get the file. 

Montessori knobless cylinders extension lessons.

This is a set of 40 patterns to be used with the Montessori knobless cylinders.
The patterns are ready to be printed onto international standard A4 paper, it is recommended that you laminate the sheets after printing.

The patterns vary in difficulty starting with one colour patterns that follow the grading of the cylinders to the final patterns which use 3 colours or have cylinders placed on top of one another to produce a 3D effect.

Initially, the child can build the pattern directly on top of the pattern sheet but as they progress they can use the pattern sheet as a reference and build the structure next to the pattern sheet.

The second PDF had more difficult patterns for when the child had completed the first level.

This file is only suitable for A4 paper.

Simply print and cut and away you go. You may want to laminate your cards so that they last a bit longer.

You may print out as many copies as you like for personal use, handy for homeschoolers or teachers in the classroom. You do not have permission to share the digital file or resell the contents digitally or otherwise.


  1. Thank you for posting about the nice knobless cylinders extension. Very cool! Hope that you are having a happy weekend!

  2. Thankyou for your suggestion for Squeak's clipped symbol! I shall be researching it more now :)

  3. Thank you, very creative!


  4. is that available now please?
    the link is not working

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I have updated the post, you can get the file here


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