Thursday 4 February 2010

Hanging pictures

When we built the house we had to tell the house maker which walls we wanted to hang things on so that they could reinforce them - that's right, we can't just hammer nails in willy-nilly! At first we just said do the lot but when the quote came back we had a major re-think and had to sit and plan where we would be hanging things. So, back before the house even had foundations I had planned to hand pictures going up the stairs and we have been in the house over 2 years now and only just got round to it!

I made calendars for various family members for Christmas but one was misprinted so I decided to make use of the pictures from that and add some of Ebi-kun's artwork into the mix. I am not a fan of sticking kids art on the fridge to get all battered and tatty, I wouldn't do it to my artwork so why be disrespectful to my son's work? I would much rather have it displayed properly. We went through his portfolio and pulled out a few favourite pieces, he helped choose which frame to put it in.
I also framed this caricature of Ebi-kun which we had done in Barcelona, a present for daddy-ebi but...Ebi-kun hates it, he says it is scary and neither me or daddy-kun like it much so I think we will be swapping it for something else!
Thank you for all the congratulations messages, immigration was actually painless. I went to get my revenue stamp first then went it, handed in my documents and got called up straight away, in and out in 2 minutes, maybe having to wait 9 months for the visa to be processed had something to do with it Ha! I will still have to go every 3 years to get my re-entry permit updated, what a faff! When we were finished we went to a friends house for lunch and a gossip/play, turned out to be a nice day out.


  1. Lovely!! So colorful, it looks great. I guess I have been taking my walls for granted all these years- hanging and rehanging where I wish.

  2. I love your crafty art gallery! Very inspiring!


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