Wednesday 17 February 2010


My aunt got Ebi-kun a set of workbooks a while back, they are the At Home With... series by Oxford University Press.
I don't want to go down that route of having a set number of pages in a work book to do a day or whatever so I have put the books in his 'work' box and kind of forgotten about them. Well, a couple of weeks ago he got them out and just started working on them, he sat for most of one day working his way through the books, he would do a page or two then have a rest as he would call it - I would call it tear-arsing around the house, then he would go back and do some more.
Yesterday he got them out again, he is working on 4 of the books at the moment, phonics, handwriting (yes, with his left hand!) maths and English, he really likes doing it so there we have it. The other thing he really likes at the moment in the Wii fit which we bought at the weekend :o)

We had to go back to the hospital yesterday to get his arm checked, the Doc said it was doing OK and we have to go again next week for an X-ray, Ebi can't wait to have another x-ray! Whilst he was having his bandage changed there was a little old guy next to us having blood taken, Ebi-kun was fascinated about the process and was asking questions and making comments such as 'the blood looks black, why isn't it red?' Good to know that he won't be traumatised by the whole event.

Still time to sign up for the fabric swap, Gigig can you email me your details please?
And the Celebrate the Boy sale is still on in the shop.

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